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date: 2009-05-10 22:15
subject: Another test and a short update
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So, this is still rather a test than a real post, but anyway, I have to check at least, if crossposting's working now, right? ~_^

My muse is coming back to me, I feel.
Slowly, but it's coming back. *g*
And I feel the need to do some fic writing in the near future, if there wasn't the usual problem of lacking time. Well, don't wanna complain.

There're several projects I have in mind and want to be implemented, starting with my Fernando Torres fic, which is actually complete - at least in my mind ^_^ - up to making more icons again (X Men Origin ones - I'm desperately in need of some *sigh*) and so on...
I'll see how far I'll get...

For tomorrow evening I booked some cinema tickets for Star Trek. It already starts at 6 p.m., so I hope I can leave office early, then. Otherwise it's rather a "so much for the original English version on cinema".

ETA: OMG, YAY!!! It worked!!! For the first time!

So, for all of you, who wonder what I'm talking about, I created an account at dreamwidth (same username of course) a week ago and tried to do some crossposting since then, as I wanna use both accounts, but it didn't work and nobody could tell my why.
Well, everything's fine now, I guess. ^_^

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date: 2008-03-18 08:44
subject: Strange weather
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I'm at at work
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Oh well, what ist this for a(n almost) spring?!
The weather here is so strange... the last few days were simply grey and drab, but now it's even snowing again!
Although it's said to be spring on Thursday... *sob*
I don't want snow and rain anymore!
I wanna go out catching some sun, hearing the birds sing, marvel at the green trees and the flowers... aaah well *sigh*
I guess I'll rather bake some (christmas) cookies next weekend... yeah, I know, it's Easter... ;o)

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