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user: [info]alafaye
date: 2017-06-25 00:32
subject: Drive By Post
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It's past midnight, but as there are still fireworks happening somewhere near us, it isn't as though I'll be sleeping easy any time soon.

-Holy fuck the last few days have been good. I got the lawn mowed on Wednesday morning and grandma's appointment got rescheduled so Friday I took as much time as I wanted cleaning and then did...nothing. Well, caught up on Merlin for the rewatch and read some fanfic. Today I had to pet sit, but it wasn't bad. We got errands done fairly quickly, likely owing to the rain. There was a slight hiccup with Friend Mum who had a bit of an anxiety attack, but things mostly got sorted. Got home before noon so there was much napping and lazing around. Tomorrow is going to be a day of nothing!

-Fireworks though. Local fest had some anyway, scheduled at nine and they were supposed to only go for half an hour, it actually lasted forty five minutes. And then residents set off their own. Grr.

-We got a shipment in at work. Which is good since yay restocking, but not so good since we've gone so long without an order that what we got in went right out; no extra to be found. *sigh*

-I reorganized some things at home. We found shelves for one of my bookcases so I was able to unbox some more of the tea items. Happiness. And I went through some items in my room; threw out some stuff and donated others (including clothes; go me!) and I have books that are earmarked to go to the used book store where I can get credit for more books. Hey, it works out for me.

-I've been reading 00Q. I don't...even know how this happened? I actually read one without realizing it and then found another and well. I suppose another ship won't hurt.

-I think that's it? Urgh.

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user: [info]borntorun
date: 2017-06-23 22:28
subject: (no subject)
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tagsrp: bingo challenge, rp: rebuilds

i think this may be the first time i've actually done a bingo challenge. IT IS A LITTLE BIT SCARY.

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user: [info]alafaye
date: 2017-06-19 20:24
subject: Good Things Post
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Let's try this.

-Fic for me! One was posted yesterday and the other today.

Love Letters is my fic for this round of [info]holmestice. It's a wonderfully written fic where John learns to pick pocket and what he finds when he pick pockets are love letters from Greg to Mycroft. It ends as Sherlock/John, adorably.

Running Silent is the fic [info]sahiya wrote me. They made a h/c bingo card months back and when one donated some money to one of a few charities to spite Trump, [info]sahiya would then write a fic for the person using the prompt the person chose. I chose Steve/Bucky/Tony, headaches/migraine and oh this fic not only fit that in (I chose that prompt because I get headaches and migraines a lot and wanted a h/c fic for them), but include so many of my favorite elements: Bucky still recovering, Tony being an awesome mature adult, Steve graciously accepting being sick. I love it.

-With the extra shift I pulled at work and the recent donations (so much love for everyone!), I am at $130 of the $200 I need. Very exciting.

-Thunder storm. We don't get them often where I am so they are a wonderful treat. There was a bit of a passing shower than had some thunder as we got home, but then on the heels of that one was a proper storm. *crosses fingers we don't loose power*

-Heating pads.

-Apple cider donuts. Friend Mum and sibling were out and about today to get Friend Mum's car oil changed and they found an old fashioned donut place. They got half a dozen of the cider donuts to take home.


-New music. I listen to either the classic rock station or swing stations on Pandora at work. The swing station has introduced me to Caro Emerald. Hoping I'll soon have a few dollars to download some of her songs.

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user: [info]alafaye
date: 2017-06-18 21:56
subject: Recent bear-vengers trips
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We have sibling's bear-Nat on the left and my bear-Steve on the right. (Steve got a bit emotional at his namesake's demise.)

And this is from The Diary of Anne Frank.

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user: [info]alafaye
date: 2017-06-18 21:46
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I think that would be polite for everyone. I do feel bad that I've been lurking the last few weeks and haven't updated in as long. It's actually been pretty shitty so I've reasons for lurking and being quiet. Before I get to the update, have a photo:


That is the tea pot and tea cup I used for breakfast this morning with a tiny box of tea I found recently for 69 cents! It has 10 bags in it. I suspect it's a sampler kind of thing, but I have tried the brand before and it was cheaper to get this little guy than a full box (boo). I'll probably refill it for the con.


What_I_Have_Been_Up_To )

But good news, I am halfway to the $200 I need to get me through to the end of July.

*goes to curl up in bed*

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