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date: 2009-05-10 22:15
subject: Another test and a short update
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So, this is still rather a test than a real post, but anyway, I have to check at least, if crossposting's working now, right? ~_^

My muse is coming back to me, I feel.
Slowly, but it's coming back. *g*
And I feel the need to do some fic writing in the near future, if there wasn't the usual problem of lacking time. Well, don't wanna complain.

There're several projects I have in mind and want to be implemented, starting with my Fernando Torres fic, which is actually complete - at least in my mind ^_^ - up to making more icons again (X Men Origin ones - I'm desperately in need of some *sigh*) and so on...
I'll see how far I'll get...

For tomorrow evening I booked some cinema tickets for Star Trek. It already starts at 6 p.m., so I hope I can leave office early, then. Otherwise it's rather a "so much for the original English version on cinema".

ETA: OMG, YAY!!! It worked!!! For the first time!

So, for all of you, who wonder what I'm talking about, I created an account at dreamwidth (same username of course) a week ago and tried to do some crossposting since then, as I wanna use both accounts, but it didn't work and nobody could tell my why.
Well, everything's fine now, I guess. ^_^

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Phaeton: Merlin - M/A - squee
user: [info]dancing_serpent
date: 2009-05-10 17:26 (UTC)
subject: (no subject)
picture_keywordMerlin - M/A - squee

Yay, it worked! Well, they did a code update Saturday night (which messed up the display of my tags, but thank god, I got that fixed very soon).

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maerchen_mond: LotR-Galadriel Frodo ringbearer
user: [info]maerchen_mond
date: 2009-05-11 02:43 (UTC)
subject: (no subject)
picture_keywordLotR-Galadriel Frodo ringbearer

Yep, I saw it and that was the reason I tried again to x-post. :o)
This is too bad, that your tags were messed up! But rather messed up tags than lost comments.

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user: [info]dancing_serpent
date: 2009-05-11 07:33 (UTC)
subject: (no subject)

Oh, no no no! You can't compare that at all! The tags thing was an easy self-fix - I only had to add one line of code to my layer and that was it. Everything's back to how I wanted it.

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